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Our Pet Health Plan is a great way to reduce and manage the cost of routine veterinary care for your pet.

We encourage you to join this plan because routine care is an important part of responsible pet ownership. It keeps your pet in the best possible health and helps them lead a happier life. Annual vaccinations maintain a healthy And functional immune system to prevent many common infectious diseases. Routine worming and flea treatments prevent parasites, thereby ensuring optimal health for your pet and the environment. Regular health checks monitor your pet's health and can help to detect the early signs of many conditions. Our plan also includes many additional benefits, which will help you, make significant savings throughout the life of your pet in consultations, medicines, dental work, neutering surgery, nutrition and some blood tests.

Why it makes perfect sense to join the Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic Annual Pet Health Plan

It helps you provide essential routine care for your pet, which is all part of being a responsible pet owner. You save on the cost of many services including consultations and prescription only medicines, through the extra benefits included in the plan. You can spread the cost of routine care by convenient Direct Debit, making it easier to manage.

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