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Healthy Pets Club

A lifetime of savings and benefits for you and your pet

Prevention is better than cure!

We have made it easy and affordable to spread the cost of your pets essential healthcare treatments

We have always advocated preventative healthcare for your pet, and with this in mind we introduced a complete preventive pet health plan package to provide gold standard preventive health care for your pet but at an affordable cost.

Your pets well being is as important to us as it is to you. We aren't just here for sick patients!

It covers the essentials, vaccination, worming, flea & tick prevention, as well as offering generous discounts on other professional services within the practice. The plan also gives discounts off prescription medicines, diet foods and a other exclusive promotions only available to Pet Health Plan Patients.

  • Spread the cost - Save up to 30%
  • Annual Vaccination & Health Exam
  • Fleas - Annual Supply*
  • Ticks - Annual Supply*
  • Wormers - Annual Supply (To include lungworm)*
  • Nurse Health Check

*Single monthly treatment covering fleas/ticks and lungworm. The discounts and extra benefits of your Healthy Pets Club plan cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or promotions that we may offer from time to time. 

  • 20% of neutering surgery
  • 10% off dental work
  • 10% off general health blood profiles
  • 10% off standard consultation charge
  • 10% off all pet foods
  • 5% off all dispensed medicines
  Cost per year Cost on plan Cost per month Saving on plan
Small dog £186.24 £132.00 £11.00 £54.24
Medium dog £209.38 £144.00 £12.00 £65.38
Large dog £237.22 £168.00 £14.00 £69.22
Extra large dog £279.11 £192.00 £16.00 £87.11
Cat £190.24 £138.72 £11.56 £51.52

Your Healthy Pets Club is a great way to reduce and manage the cost of veterinary care for your pet. Our plan also includes many additional benefits which will help you make significant savings throughout the life of your pet in consultations, medicines, dental work, neutering surgery, nutrition and some blood tests.

We encourage you to join this plan because routine care is an important part of responsible pet ownership. It keeps your pet in the best possible health and helps them lead a happier life.

  • Annual vaccinations maintain a healthy and functional immune system to prevent many common infectious diseases.
  • Routine worming and flea treatments prevent parasites, thereby ensuring optimal health for your pet and the environment.
  • Provides extra protection against the increased risk from ticks and lungworm. 
  • Provide the very best life long care for your pet and save money by joining our Healthy Pets Club.

Call us today and find out how easy it is to join!

Why it makes perfect sense to join our Healthy Pets Club plan:

  • It helps you provide essential routine care for your pet, which is all part of being a responsible pet owner.
  • Your plan has been developed to provide extra protection against the increased risk from ticks and lungworm.
  • You save on the cost of many services including consultations and prescription only medicines, through the extra benefits included in the plan.
  • You can spread the cost of routine care by convenient Direct Debit, making it easier to manage.
  • 6 monthly 10-point nurse health exam including nail clipping, dental check and weight check amongst other checks.