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Nurse Clinics

Advices and care by our nurses

We run a series of clinics to help you with continued support for you and your pet. Please contact the practice and ask to see the practice nurse regarding any of the following.

What can our Veterinary Nurse do?

As a practice we are extremely proud of our fantastic Nursing Team at Cedar Grove. If you would like to speak to or come in and see our clinical nursing team with your pet then please get in touch via reception or our online booking system.

So, what do our veterinary nurses do?

  • Monitoring vital signs such as heart rate, pulse, temperature and breathing rate
  • Post operative care
  • Administering intravenous fluids
  • Monitoring and maintaining anaesthetics, which ensures the animal is safe and pain-free during the operation
  • “Scrubbing in” and assisting vets with operations
  • Filling prescriptions under veterinary direction and ensuring clients understand how to administer the medication successfully
  • Physiotherapy
  • Administering medication
  • Taking blood samples
  • Placing intravenous and urinary catheters
  • Wound management and changing dressings
  • Taking X-rays
  • Recording ECGs
  • Assisting vets to perform diagnostic techniques such as ultrasound and endoscopy, MRI
  • Carrying out diagnostic tests (urine tests, blood tests, faecal tests ect)
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Cleaning up after the patients
  • Minor surgical procedures such as stitch ups or mass removals outside of body cavities
  • Running laboratory, blood samples, urine samples
  • Chemotherapy
  • Setting up equipment and kits for procedures
  • Placing endotracheal tubes
  • Completing pet insurance claims, dealing with insurance queries and helping clients understand their policies

Nurses also run their own clinics, which include:

  • Providing advice on training, nutrition for all ages and clinical needs, weight management, behaviour, housing and husbandry, and dental care.
  • Taking routine blood samples
  • Advising on and applying flea and worm treatment
  • Nail clipping
  • Emptying Anal glands
  • Microchipping
  • Diabetic monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Post operative checks and suture removals
  • Wound management and bandage changes
  • Cleaning ears
  • Dental Care
  • Diabetes Management
  • Weight Management

Dental Care

Complimentary Dental Checkups for your pet , throughout the month of February & 15% off our dental packages, we are also offering 25% off any dental diets if required. Just call our reception team to book your appointment with our nurses. We look forward to seeing you and your pet!

We strongly believe that healthy mouths make healthy pets! Many pets suffer from dental disease from an early age due to poor nutrition and lack of dental care. It's only when smelly breath becomes a problem do owners make an appointment to see a vet to see what the problem might be. 

Gum disease is usually silent. When it starts there are no outward signs and symptoms, yet once it advances it can cause serious problems in your pets mouth.

Eroded Gums,gingivitis, painful or missing teeth, bone loss and chronic pain are all part and parcel of peridontal disease. 

What can you do to prevent this?

  • Brush their Teeth every day
  • Feed good quality food
  • Regular dental checkups
  • Offer quality and tested dental toys/treats to encourage active chewing

Our nursing team offer complimentary dental checks throughout the month of February, also providing expert advice on dental care for your pet

Contact us today to book your pets dental checkup!

Diabetes Management

Diabetes is surprisingly common in pets.

Our vets and nurses provide not only the medical knowledge to help you understand and treat your pets condition, but also provide a support service should you feel you need additional help. Not everyone feels they are able to administer insulin by injection and organise their lives to settle into the regime required to manage diabetics successfully. 

This is where our diabetic clinic comes in. It gives owners of diabetic pets, new and old a chance to liaise with the nursing team with any concerns they may have. We monitor our diabetics closely and help you understand what tests are needed and why.

Many clients are nervous and apprehensive when they discover their pet is diabetic. We like to feel we can help alleviate the worries they might have and encourage them to go on, and discover their pet can live a long and healthy life through knowledge and management of the condition.

Weight Management

Why Overweight Matters?

Weight gain is serious. 1 in 3 pets is overweight or obese. Being as little as 20% overweight can greatly increase the risk of your pet developing serious health conditions such as, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, urinary stones or heart disease.

Excess weight not only has a negative impact on your pets wellbeing, happiness and overall quality of life, but it can genuinely shorten its life expectancy compared to that of a normal, healthy weight pet.

We run a weight clinic to help you to mange your pets weight, and support you in the lifestyle changes that need to be made to ensure your pet reaches their goal, and a healthy optimum weight.

Please contact any of the practice team to arrange a nurse consultation if you have any concerns about your pet and their weight