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Compassionate care for you and your pet

Who are we?

We, as a practice, are proud of our commitment to the care of animals. We are an independent practice and we provide the highest standards of Medical and Surgical care for the past 60 years. Our mission is to provide you with a dedicated team of vets and nurses to care for your pet.

Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic is a General and Referral Small Animal Practice devoted to the care of Companion Animals. We see first opinion cases as general practitioners but also see large numbers of referral cases for more complex cases.

The practice was established in 1890 in May Street in central Belfast and moved to its present position at Cedar Grove 1959. While we are extremely proud of our past, we are more committed than ever to providing you and your pets with the highest standards of veterinary care.

Should you have any questions, we would be happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the practice team.

Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic

Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic

Ormeau Veterinary Clinic

Ormeau Veterinary Clinic

Our facilities

The team at Cedar Grove aim to offer and provide the highest standard of service and facilities to you and your pet. We constantly reinvest in the practice with emphasis on the latest technology, as well as staff training to ensure our clients are confident in leaving their pets health and welfare in our hands.

The practice team work together to ensure your pet receives the best possible care whilst they are here.

The team at Cedar Grove are proud of the service and facilities we provide, and continue to expand their knowledge by attending regular training and courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in veterinary science, medicine, veterinary nursing and customer care.

Take a look inside our clinic!


Operating theatre

Our theatre suite has been designed to minimise infection and complications during surgery and ensure that patients under anaesthetic are monitored closely to reduce any problems.

The theatre is equipped to the highest standards with piped oxygen, surgical air and power supplied via ceiling pedants to allow free movement around the patient. The operating tables are heated to prevent peri-operative hypothermia and the theatre nurse is monitoring each case.

Double LED lights allow good lighting of operating sites without emitting heat and drying out tissues during the operation. Access to digital radiography (X-rays), are available on a monitor in theatre so these are always available to the surgeon.

There is a separate scrub and gowning area, and the kit preparation area and equipment are to human hospital standards to keep infections at a low rate.

There is easy access to the imaging suite if required and all animals are returned to the intensive care unit to ensure a safe recovery from anaesthesia.




Imaging Suite

The Imaging Suite at Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic contains digital radiography, endoscopy and ultrasound equipment to help clinicians to make a diagnosis.

Digital Radiography
Known as digital X-ray. These are 2 dimensional images which can show fractures, lumps and masses within the body.

Using an endoscope, this is a real-time moving internal image of things like gastric disorders, nasal bleeds and other digestive tract issues.

Ultrasound produces high resolution images of blood flow and the internal organs of a patient. It is generally used for a range of diagnosis including tumours, cysts, cardiac abnormalites and pregnancy.

We have a range of high resolution screens for examining images in the viewing room and throughout the clinic.

Cedar Grove also accepts referrals from other practices for these procedures.

Ophthalmic / Eye Exam Equipment

We have an extensive range of equipment which allows us to perform a very thorough eye exam. Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes allow deep exam of the retina.

  • Slit beam biomicroscope” allows us to perform detailed exam of the cornea, anterior chamber and eyelids.
  • Tonopen” allows us to measure intra-ocular pressures and thereby diagnose and monitor your pet’s treatment of glaucoma.
  • Gonio lens” helps us more thoroughly investigate your pet’s glaucoma.
  • We can perform detailed intraocular ultrasonography which helps us diagnose and manage many conditions.

We maintain a hospital standard operating microscope and an extensive micro-surgical kit which allows us to perform delicate intraocular and corneal surgery.