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We offer high quality referral srevices

We have a well established history of providing a referral service to other veterinary practices across Ireland. This means that we can manage and treat many more complex cases at the practice who require additional expertise, equipment and intensive care.

Many of our veterinary surgeons have additional qualifications and all staff undertake additional training in their special interest areas. Our nursing team provide 24 hour care to our in-patients, this is vital in the management of our more critical patients.

Along with this we are constantly upgrading and maintaining our equipment with the latest cutting edge technology. Cedar Grove is one of only a small number of practices providing these facilities.

We would like to provide the reassurance that when your pet is ill or injured, they will be in safe, well experienced hands that are respected and trusted throughout the veterinary profession.

  • Cardiology and Respiratory (see more details below)

  • Medical Referrals are led by Dr Nuala O'Connor. These include, Investigation of vomiting, diarrhoea, weight loss. Investigation of polyuria, polydipsia, proteinuria. Hepatic, pancreatic, renal and bladder disease.

  • Dermatology cases. This includes, intradermal skin testing, hyposensitisation vaccines and extensive in house diagnostics. Chronic and recurring ear infection with video otoscopy. Allergies, parasites, infectious and autoimmune disease.

  • Complex surgical and Orthopaedic cases seen by Dr Gilbert McKnight, Dr John Heatherington and Dr Craig Ritchie.

  • Soft tissue surgery and Internal medicine cases, which require intensive care and 24 hour monitoring.

  • Ophthalmology, we have an extensive range of equipment which allows us to perform a very thorough eye exam

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  • Cardiology and Respiratory

Cardiology and Respiratory

Dr Neil Walmsley will be providing a referral and outpatient clinic at Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic from September 2017 for those pets in Northern Ireland requiring specialist investigations for cardiac or respiratory problems. Services will include:

Surgical Services to include but not limited to:

  • Sub-total pericardectomy for recurring pericardial effusion
  • Persistent right aortic arch
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  • Thoracotomy for biopsy of thoracic masses
  • Lung lobectomy

If you have a case you wish to have seen by Neil then please use the referral form, here.

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